Using coupons and saving money is a form of art that most of them fail to master. With grocery shopping making the best use of the coupons actually poses a serious challenge to customers. Almost all the shoppers’ carry a coupon with them irrespective of their mode of shopping, but only a few are aware of the tactics as to how to save higher percentages on their shopping budget.

Most of them learn how to collect coupons, how to organize them and also make sure that they bring the coupons collected to the store while shopping. But however hard they try some of them are not able to save more than 20% on their budget. But how come some extreme couponing gurus save up to 80% on their bills? Do they have a magic spell or something? Huh not truly, but they are well versed and have mastered the tactics as to how to put the shopping coupons to use effectively. So it is our turn to copy the successful shoppers.

But what is more important is to know what are the basic mistakes to be avoided in order to march towards the path to extreme couponing. We recommend this site for more information about shopping coupons.

1. Avoid using coupons on full-priced items:

It is true that coupons will reduce the price of the item, but when you use that coupon on already discounted items or items that are on sale; the amount that you are going to save is indeed going to b higher. This is the trick.
For e.g. instead of using your $2 coupon on a full-priced cereal box of $10, if you use the same coupon on the same product that is on 50% discount then your total saving would be $5+2. This way you save more. So wait for offer sales. 


2 .Avoid buying anything and everything that is on Sale:

This might sound somewhat contradictory to the above point, but a careful consideration will make you realize the real point behind it. Just because an item is put on sale, it doesn’t mean that buying that is going to save you more. You will always have to calculate the rate of the product deducting the discount and the coupon, if the amount that you save is really huge then go ahead and purchase, but if it just a meager amount then you better not purchase it.


3. Don’t be too brand sensitive:

When savings are your first priority then being brand sensitive doesn’t work out. You are to compare prices and not brands. Your ultimate aim should be to buy a product free or close to free, that’s it.


4. It is not necessary to use every coupon:

This is the mistake that most of them does. When a coupon is nearing its expiry people tend to use them even if the sale is not worth it. So the baseline if the coupon that is not going to help you save more is going to expire, then fine let it expire - No harm. If the deal is not worth, then it is better thrown away. Don’t commit the mistake of using the coupons on full priced items just because you have coupon. But again if it is really a necessity then go ahead and buy them with the coupons.


5. Don’t overbuy:

Always remember to buy only what you really need. Just because it is a great offer it doesn’t mean that you are going to use them. Only purchase what is really necessary. Over buying spoils the whole game of saving.



6. Don’t Clip every next coupon:

There are people who clip each and every coupon that comes their way. This will only make your organizing and sorting job tougher. Be wise in choosing the coupons that you want to clip and use the coupon binder method to save a lot of time while choosing the coupon that is needed for shopping.



7. Don’t print what you don’t need:

Every resource is valuable, so it is not wise to waste them. With saving being our basic motto, it should be an all round task. Printing coupons that are unnecessary is going to cost you paper and ink. So print only what is needed and when it is needed.